Drug Trafficking is the final investigation of the Atala Funeral Home gang.

In-game text

Federica Laterza controls the drug trade.

Clues and witnesses


Federica Laterza personally oversees every incoming delivery at the port. She doesn't go anywhere without two bodyguards.

Cargo delivery

A large cargo ship arrives from Colombia every two weeks. It carries lots of interesting things, including boxes of drugs.

Payment delivery

Federica Laterza boards the ship and pays the captain for his services.


The urns filled with drugs are locked in a large yellow cargo container. It gets unloaded first. The urns are packed in boxes, and are shipped by truck to the Atala Funeral Home.


One of Federica Laterza's guards escorts the truck's driver to the Atala Funeral Home.


Federica Laterza: owner of the Atala Funeral Home.


  • Gorgon Hair Salon: Federica Laterza has an upcoming appointment
  • Trade Unions Building: Federica Laterza has a meeting scheduled with the head of the port worker's union


Beginning and end frames


Collectible frames

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