"In the Ulrich's List Catalog you can always find a rich assortment and the lowest possible prices! Pre-order and save!" -In-game quote
Jack Boyd can purchase music from a catalog delivered to his office and play them on a turntable (which will be replaced by a tape player, and finally, a cd player later on).

List of purchasable music

Music Description Price
Coriolan Overture by Beethoven, performed by Musopen Symphony What can I say? Pure classic! $250
Clarinet Sugar by Bob Barnard The finish on this track lasts forever. $150
This Train by Turk Murphy Once I saw a shooting star, and I asked about the miracle of the universe. The next day I received this song. $310
Temptation Blues byTurk Murphy In Ancient Greece, if a messenger brought news that this song was lost, they'd cut offnot just his head, but the heads of his entire family. $520
Snag It by Len Bernard If Zeus, Jesus and Buddha wrote a song together, it would sound like this. $169/$199
Chimin' by John Sangster The track is so"rich" and "delicious" that it could feed all the starving children in the world. $153/$180
Late Hour by Pearce-Bickering Barrelhouse Jazz Band I usually don't beat my kids, but if my daughter broke this record, she'd be in the hospital. $594/$699

The first price in the price tab indicates pre-order price.