Jack Boyd

Jack Boyd is the current chief of police in the city of Freeburg. He is about to retire in half a year and he wants half a million as his retirement fund.

Mayor Rogers

Mayor Rogers is the racist, sexist, homophobic, corrupt and tennis playing mayor of Freeburg. He is in his 80s. He forces Jack Boyd to retire from his position and he makes life as hard for Jack Boyd as possible.

Francis Kendrick

Francis Kendrick is a good friend of Jack Boyd's. He is a corrupt cop but has a family. He is involved with the Sand Mafia and he wants out. Jack Boyd can either help Kendrick or refuse to help him.

Martin Stett

Martin Stett is the deputy of Jack Boyd. He helps him with various issues.

Christopher G. Sand

Christopher G. Sand is the head of the Sand Mafia. He owns the Christopher G. Sand Ice Arena.

Vicus Varga

Vicus Varga is an upstart criminal who tries to wrestle control of the Freeburg underworld from Christopher G. Sand. He is the head of a gang of punks.

The Dentist

The Dentist is a brutal serial killer that appears in Freeburg. He committed brutal murders all across the country and hasn't appeared in a long time until his recent appearance in Freeburg.

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