In the This Is The Police games, there are multiple endings you can get.

This Is The Police

Non-Canonical Endings

  • Most, if not all employees fired - Jack is arrested for power abuse and the FBI takes over the police department.
  • If Jack does not help the Sands enough - An assassin is sent to Jack’s house & kills him.

Canonical Endings

Eugene Chaffee is killed - Jack retires with $200,000.

Stewart Rogers is killed - Jack retires with $1.

This Is The Police 2

Non-Canonical Endings

  • Jack fails 3 days in a row - Lily Reed calls the FBI and Jack is arrested.

Canonical Ending

Rebel Cops

The rebel cops arrest Viktor Zuev at his mansion. They bring him to Sharpwood so he could be prosecuted, but are ambushed and killed by the cops instead.

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