In This Is The Police, there are multiple factions that allows for interaction.

Freeburg Police Department

Jack Boyd is the chief of the Freeburg Police Department. He handles all the daily affairs of the police force.

The Sand Mafia

Christopher G. Sand is the head of the Sand Mafia. The Sand Mafia is a criminal organization that is decades old, since it originated from Christopher G. Sand's grandfather.

The Vargas

Led by Vicus Varga, the Vargas seek to overthrow the Sand Mafia and take over Freeburg's underworld.

Freeburg Government

Mayor Rogers is your employer, based out of City Hall. City Hall handles affairs such as hiring new staff or giving Jack a raise.


Robespierre is the alias of the businessman Eugene Chaffee, who challenges the corrupt Mayor Roberts for leadership of the city.

Minor Gangs

There are also minor gangs in Freeburg that commit different crimes.

This is all the gangs, mafias, and other lawbreaking factions that exist in Freeburg:

The Labor Union

Helps Jack getaway with questionable city hall requests and allows Jack to fire his employees without consequence.

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