Human Trafficking is the final investigation of the Flesh and Bone gang.

In-game text

Jian Kao smuggles young Chinese women in as sex slaves.

Clues and witnesses


Jian Kao took up leadership of the Flesh and Bone gang only a few years ago, but has already managed to turn it into a major player in Freeburg's trafficking market. He has close family ties with the Chinese mafia. Jian Kao doesn't like to waste his time in vain, but always finds a moment to give his reliable business partners a warm welcome.


Jian Kao comes to the meeting in a red pickup truck. His men are in the back of the pickup, armed with pump-action shotguns. The seller smuggles the girls in eighteen-wheelers. After Jian Kao inspects the wares, he makes the payment. Then his men change the license plates on the rigs and drive off. Jian Kao brings up the rear in his pickup.


Usually Jian Kao pays for the goods in cash, but this time the seller asked to be paid with an equivalent amount of heroin. Jian Kao had no objections. It's no trouble finding that kind of dope in Freeburg.


Jian Kao: Head of the Flesh and Bone gang.


  • Freeburg Elementary School: Jian Kao always picks up his daughter after school.
  • Dump: Jian Kao deposits the bodies of dead prostitutes in the landfill.


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