Pandering is an investigation of the Flesh and Bone gang.

In-game text

Lin Tseng is in charge of an elite brothel, where the Flesh and Bone gang place prostitutes forcibly brought in from China.

Clues and witnesses


Lin Tseng started working at the elite brothel many years ago, when she too was taken from China and sold into sex slavery. After working there long enough, she was able to prove her loyalty to the leaders of the Flesh and Bone gang, and she's been entrusted with managing the brothel. Lin Tseng always personally greets customers at the entrance to the mansion.


A major media mogul, who prefers to remain incognito – and to this end he rents out the whole entire brothel. The client arrives in a black limousine, accompanied by a bodyguard.


Lin Tseng always parades the girls in front of the clients, so they can fully inspect the goods on offer This client chose two lush blondes to begin with, and retired with them to the second floor of the brothel.


Lin Tseng received money from the bodyguard, after his boss went up to have his fun.


Lin Tseng: Elderly madam of a brothel, and member of the Flesh and Bone gang.


  • Drugstore: Lin Tseng suffers from arthritis and went to buy some ointment.
  • Rubinovich Casino: Lin Tseng likes to play roulette.


Beginning and end frames


Collectible frames

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