The city of Freeburg is where This Is The Police is set. It is composed of various locations. In 1985, the crime rate of Freeburg is very high.


The city of Freeburg.

Police Station

The Freeburg police station is where chief Jack Boyd and his police force reside and coordinate their efforts in.

City Hall

The city hall is where Mayor Rogers controls the city's politics. The city hall will issue tasks to the police force from time to time. City Hall also requests to the police station to send officers to quell riots from feminists groups, colored people groups, LGBT groups, etc., often forcefully. In return, Jack can request the city to issue his force room for more officers and detectives, a raise and SWAT upgrades.

The Sand Ranch

The Sand Ranch is the headquarters of Christopher G. Sand’s Sand Mafia. Jack can request a trap on officers or to rough up members of an investigation/conference.


Chinatown is known to be the headquarters of a group of vicious criminals known as the Red Masks gang.

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