This is the transcript for Day 5 of the game. Some portions of the transcript may differ slightly from what is spoken in-game. Mouse over such parts to read what is spoken in-game.

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Jack walks out of his house, immediately heading for his barn.

Jack (Aside): Why would a man need a barn? To store all the stuff you can't bring home. About 30 years ago, back when I was young and interested in farming, I carried all kinds of junk home. After a day in the field, I'd come home with buckets, shovels, dirty boots and clothes, and instantly transform the living room. But even back then, there's something I always kept in the barn.

Jack opens his barn and walks inside, closing the door behind him again. He goes to a chest, opening up to reveal his secret stash of painkillers. Before he can do anything else however, there's a knock at his barn door.

Jack (Aside): I stopped keeping my pills inside the house, because every time I was about to take a triple, someone would knock on my bedroom door. Now they're knocking on my barn door. Well, fine. It's not every day that someone comes to visit your barn.

Jack answers the door, revealing Francis Kendrick along with two of Christopher Sand's associates close behind him.

Jack (Aside): In all the years we worked together, Kendrick never came to visit the house. We drank at bars, went fishing, went to the mountains, even chased off some poachers one time. But he never came for dinner with the family. We never watched football over here. And now he's brought his friends to visit my barn. I always try to look unsurprised, like it's an everyday thing to get visitors at the old barn, especially guests with their own personal bodyguards. But Kendrick is sharp enough to see he's caught me with my pants on backwards.

Kendrick: Sorry for the surprise, Jack. We saw you from the car, figured we'd find you in here. I'm going in for a minute fellas. These guys will wait outside.

Kendrick enters the barn while Jack closes the door, leaving Sand's accomplices waiting outside. Kendrick has a seat.

Jack: How long you been dating the loverboys?

Kendrick: They're Sand's people, Jack.

Jack: Yeah. So now you're appearing in public with members of the Mafia?

Kendrick: Jack, I'm leaving tonight. More like fleeing. Jenny and I are taking the girls and making a run for it. Probably won't be seeing each other again. I've got new documents, a new name, a new life, everything new.

Jack: The papers say you're still working your last week for the department.

Kendrick: I've got to get out today. I won't be getting another chance. Don't know if you noticed, but the whole city is against me.

Jack: You told your mafia friends about your plans?

Kendrick: Jack, if I don't fix everything with them in the next few hours, they're going to kill me. And not just me: my family, my relatives - God, Jack, I don't know who else. They found out I was planning to run, and they've demanded that they close our contract today.

Jack now sits down himself.

Jack: Your "contract", Frank? Really? Is that how you talk now? Maybe you should call in the lawyers to straighten all this out?

Kendrick: Now is not the time, Jack, please! I have a commitment to them until the end of the year. They need an inside line at police headquarters. I can't just give them back the money - that's not how the Mafia works. If I can't find someone I can trust tonight, I'm dead. You know me, Jack. I wouldn't ask you, if I wasn't afraid they'd cut my daughters to pieces before sunrise.

Jack (Aside): He's the damn fool who put his daughters in the crosshairs in the first place. Anyone in my place would have dressed him down good, but I didn't want to pile it on. Fate's already got this guy's soul in the grinder.

The player must now make a decision on whether Jack will agree to be the inside line for Christopher Sand, or refuse.

Audio Version:
Day 5 - Morning

If the player accepts...

Jack: Give them my phone number, and tell them it's done. Don't call me, don't come to work today. I don't want to see or hear from you again. Time for you to go.

Kendrick: Jack...

Jack: Get the fuck out of my nice cozy barn, Frank.

Kendrick promptly gets up out of his chair and leaves the barn. Jack meanwhile sits back and tries to process what just happened.

Jack (Aside): At the time, I was trying not to think about what just happened. It was almost too much to take in. I'm probably the most popular police chief in the history of the city, and I have to admit I've thought about that more than once, sometimes with a little pride even. In one of the features they wrote about me in the papers, they said it pretty plain: "He catches the criminals." Believe me, high praise like that is unheard of in Freeburg, especially for a cop. And here I am - the person who catches criminals - and I've agreed to help the mafia, or I'll come home to a bag stuffed with my kids' body parts. Right before the last hammer falls. "Hey, remember that cop who caught criminals? It turns out he was a mafia bitch." And all for the sake of a greedy corrupt cop who should have fled the country years ago. That sound right to you?

Audio Version:
Day 5 - Morning (Accept)

If the player refuses...

Jack: I'm not gonna lecture you, Frank. I don't think I have anything to say that you don't already know. I'm sorry for your family. I wish them all the best of luck.

Jack promptly gets up out of his chair and leaves the barn. Sand's associates watch him leave without comment.

Audio Version:
Day 5 - Morning (Reject)