Assault with an Offensive Weapon / Extortion is an investigation of the Guardian Angels gang.

In-game text

Lindor Ibarra attacked the sporting goods store owner Tony Pringle, and cut off his fingers.

Clues and witnesses

The Leader

Lindor Ibarra is the leader of a gang of racketeers calling themselves the Guardian Angels. He's a dangerous and cruel man, who rarely leaves his house without his arsenal of knives.

The Dog

Lindor Ibarra's german shepherd has a metal collar, and he always takes it with him on business. The dog is very intelligent and never harms a person unless it receives a special command from its master.


Tony Pringle inherited the sporting goods store from his father, who died recently. While his father was alive, the Guardian Angels gang was not a problem – because he always paid for their "protection." Tony decided to break this tradition, and was brutally punished for it.


Lindor Ibarra delivers a final warning: that he won't hesitate to cut off any part of the victim's body. When he leaves, he promises to return and cut off his victim's head, if he refuses to pay his debts.

The Bike

Near the back door to the sporting goods store, in the alley, was Tony Pringle's bright sports bike, on which he was trying to escape from Lindor Ibarra.


Lindor Ibarra: the head of the gang Guardian Angels.


  • Animal Shelter: Lindor Ibarra decided to hand over his dog to the shelter. It's getting old and can't keep up with its owner
  • Fifth Leg Animal Clinic: Lindor Ibarra brought his dog in to be vaccinated.


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