Extortion / Destruction of Property is an investigation of the Guardian Angels gang.

In-game text

Vincent Galvez tried running a "protection" racket on the antique shop owner. When he refused, Galvez and his thugs turned the shop upside down.

Clues and witnesses

The Hand

Vincent Galvez and his thugs have a long history of racketeering in Freeburg, along with the other members of the Guardian Angels. They're a nightmare for small businesses owners, especially the ones who refuse to give them monthly "protection" payments.


The racketeers arrived in a battered red Cadillac. The store owner made it clear that he wouldn't pay what they demanded. In response, Vincent Galvez and his thugs smashed everything in the store. Then Galvez took everything in the register, broke the front window, and made a quick getaway along with the rest of his thugs.


Vincent Galvez uses a flail, while his henchmen get by with tire irons.


The owner claims that his shop was attacked by some juvenile hooligans. They threw stones through his window, which made a mess of his goods. He didn't have anything to say about any Spanish racketeers.


Vincent Galvez: Member of the Guardian Angels gang.


  • Library: Vincent Galvez is interested in ancient Russian history and does a lot of reading on the topic.
  • Drugstore: Vincent Galvez was spotted at the pharmacy.


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