Jack Boyd also going by the alias Warren Nash, was the Police Chief of the Freeburg Police Department and current Sheriff of Sharpwood. He is the main protagonist of This Is The Police and This Is The Police 2, and an antagonist in Rebel Cops.



Jack Boyd served under the Freeburg Police Department for 40 years before being promoted to Chief of the FPD.

On his 60th birthday, he was hit with a resignation notice stating that he had 180 days before retirement. While retirement is usually reserved for people around the age of 65, Mayor Rogers decided to forcefully retire him in favor for his family's son, so the he could be the next Chief of the FPD.

Planning to move to a small house away from the Town, he and Laura spotted a house for sale. They also had bills piling up. One exhausting night after dealing with whining kids and a tiresome day, Jack jokingly asked her if she'd be happy with him if he had a million dollars, and after a moment of silence she told him that half a million would be enough. For reasons unknown, Laura later left Jack Boyd and started dating a younger man, forcing Jack Boyd into trying to find her and win her back.

Events of This is The Police

The player controls Jack during his last 180 days in the police department. The player can make him extremely corrupt, or a white knight. As elections in Freeburg rolled around, Jack was forced to handle both the political tension between mayor Stewart Rogers and Eugene Chaffee and the crime spree in the city. The chaos leads to both parties ordering Jack to assemble an assault on their rival’s headquarters. Either way, Jack will be forced into retirement by the end of those 180 days and lose membership of "the Club". He then proceeds to count up to 100, booze in hand and the scene cuts to black.

Events of This is The Police 2

Some time after the end of the first game, he was placed on the federal wanted list, so he fled Freeburg, bought false papers claiming he was Warren Nash and went into hiding somewhere north of the country. He later rented a house in Sharpwood and almost spent the rest of his days there, until officers Charlie Fletcher and Corey Bello didn't arrest him for supposedly hiding cocaine in his house. He was imprisoned at the Sharpwood police department but managed to convince the incapable Sheriff, Lilly Reed that he can help her, so he was promoted to Deputy Sheriff and took over her duties.

He also had to pay Mr. Fry $20,000 every week to "keep the Feds off his trail". Overtime, he met many interesting residents like captain Carter, who competed with him over the position of Sheriff. Ultimately, Carter personally came to his house for a drink. He revealed that he had cheated in the contest. Surprisingly, while going over the files, he also found out Jack's true identity. Jack later called Colonel Henderson and the next morning, the lifeless body of captain Carter can be seen hanging off a tree.

Some time after, prosecutor Lana Berman located him and paid him a visit. Lana berates him for allowing lots of innocent people to die, and yet still considers himself innocent. He gets drunk and calls Ethan Palmer, pleading for his help. Palmer asks Boyd to turn himself in, but Jack instead loses it. He blacks out at the side of a road, hallucinating about various figures in his life at Freeburg (Berman, Palmer, Starr, Stett, Rogers, Paulsen, Varga, Chaffee & Kendrick) arresting him at his own shed. He wakes up to a postman asking if he’s okay, answering by telling him to go away. He drives off, only to skid off the road and crashing his truck. He crawls away, only to go unconscious, where he loses himself. Homeless men try to steal his gun, but he wakes up before they do. He allows his corrupt self to murder Berman and buy a bomb to kill Lilly.

Colonel Henderson reveals his plan to storm the Sheriff’s Department and murder Lily Reed along with 5 other officers. Jack later decided that he had to protect the department and kill Colonel Henderson, along with killing Lilly. His former secretary during the time he was Freeburg's police chief, Emma Weinstein, is also supposedly put to death after he invited her over.

Events of Rebel Cops

7 years following the events in Sharpwood, Jack made a deal with Zachary Ginzburg, the right hand man of Ripton crime boss Viktor Zuev. When Ripton Police Department officers go rogue, private detective Darth O’Muni contacts them and asks them to infiltrate Ginzburg’s Estate and get evidence of the contact between Jack & Ginzburg. Ginzburg leaves a box of Caesars Cigarettes in one of his mansion’s rooms, reserving it for Jack.

Following the assault on the estate, Jack asked for important documents about Freeburg to be delivered to him through a bookstore, and sent his officers to meet with Zuev’s men near Big Rift to make a weapons deal. Both encounters end up deadly as Zuev’s punks & men engage in a firefight with the Sharpwood cops. Most, if not all of the cops & Zuev’s people are killed.

Realizing the misunderstanding between his cops & the rebels, he begins to send packages of aid towards them, including tasers and explosives to help undermine Zuev’s Empire.

However, his aid turned out to be a facade, as when the rebels brought Zuev to Sharpwood, he ordered his cops to open fire.


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