Jack Boyd was the Police Chief of the Freeburg Police Department and current Sheriff of Sharpwood. He is the main protagonist of This Is The Police and This Is The Police 2.



Jack Boyd served under the Freeburg Police Department for 40 years before being promoted to Chief of the FPD.

On his 60th birthday, he was hit with a resignation notice stating that he had 180 days before retirement. While retirement is usually reserved for people around the age of 65, Mayor Rogers decided to forcefully retire him in favor for his family's son, so the he could be the next Chief of the FPD.

Planning to move to a small house away from the Town, he and Laura spotted a house for sale. They also had bills piling up. One exhausting night after dealing with whining kids and a tiresome day, Jack jokingly asked her if she'd be happy with him if he had a million dollars, and after a moment of silence she told him that half a million would be enough. For reasons unknown, Laura later left Jack Boyd and started dating a younger man, forcing Jack Boyd into trying to find her and win her back.

Events of This is The Police

The player controls Jack during his last 180 days in the police department. The player can make him extremely corrupt, or a white knight. It all depends on the players self-personality. At the end of the game Jack is forecefully retired despite the players choices, and the game ends with him depressed in an cold alleyway at night with a bottle of booze, counting up to 100.

Some time after the end of the first game, a warrant was put out for his arrest, so he left Freeburg and went into hiding.