Carjacking is an investigation of the Keylesses gang.

In-game text

Nina Ware stole an expensive sports car from the private lot of a gay club called the Unicorns of Arcadia.

Clues and witnesses

The pro

Nina Ware is an experienced thief. She never leaves a scratch, and never resorts to violence.

Fake documents

To pass through private access areas, Nina Ware always uses fake documents. For example, a private investigator's license or a fire inspector's badge.

Surveillance cameras

The cameras around the Unicorns of Arcadia have been disabled to protect the privacy of the club's guests.

Gaining access

Nina Ware normally uses a jimmy stick to open car doors. But this thief is quite small and agile, and could climb into the cab through the opening in the trunk.

Car thief

Nina Ware never uses keys. Real pros don't need keys.


Nina Ware: listed as an accountant at the car wash.


  • Double Olive Pizza: Nina Ware loves pizza
  • Soaps and Sparkles Car Wash: Nina Ware keeps thorough books, and often stays late at work


Beginning and end frames


Collectible frames

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Correct sequence

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