Receiving Stolen Property is an investigation of the Keylesses gang.

In-game text

Stuart Hayes chopped up the sports car that Nina Ware stole

Clues and witnesses

The mechanic

Stuart Hayes has worked at the car wash most of his life, and learned all about using his hands.


Stuart Hayes pays the car thief in cash on delivery.


Stuart Hayes uses yellow tape to mark out the space he'll need to cut the car.

The tool

Stuart Hayes prefers to use a reciprocating saw for cutting up a vehicle.


The cut up car is disguised as scrap metal, loaded in a truck with a hoist and driven to the rail station.


Stuart Hayes: car wash owner.


  • Soaps and Sparkles Car Wash: Stuart Hayes often stays overnight in his office
  • Kevin's Throat Bar: Stuart Hayes likes to drink after a hard day


Beginning and end frames


Collectible frames

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Correct sequence

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INVEST0028-begin INVEST0028-01 INVEST0028-02 INVEST0028-03 INVEST0028-07 INVEST0028-end

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