Lilly Reed was the sheriff of Sharpwood, and the deuteragonist, later tertiary antagonist of This Is The Police 2. Her department was able to apprehend Jack Boyd, after he had fled Freeburg. However, they were unaware of his identity, because he had since gotten fake documents to claim he was instead Warren Nash. After Jack reveals his true identity to Reed alone, he offers an ultimatum to help her control the Sheriff's Department. As a result, she did not report Jack Boyd to the federal authorities, in exchange for his help running the police.


Lilly used to be Sheriff Wells' deputy, being forced to take his place when he lost his life in an ambush from the Neckties. She used to rely on the help of Gale Greenberg to handle most of her work, until the he too fell to the Neckties.

Unable to handle her job, and without any help to be found, she chose to employ Jack's experience as former police chief, instead of reporting him to the feds.


Lilly is insecure, unassertive and overall too soft to warrant the necessary respect for her position to properly function. Most officers below her openly question her orders and even disobey, in extreme cases. Jack's new job at the police station ends up including the discipline of Lilly's underlings because of this.

Lilly and Jack clash often, as her kindness and overall naiveté go against what years of police work have done to him. After too many conflicts and insults, Lilly ends up betraying Jack, first by giving Captain Carter an unfair advantage in his competition with Jack, and then secondly by ordering his death from Liam Henderson. However, Jack retaliates by rigging her snowmobile to explode, and then late at night luring her to use it by telling her that the station was under attack, while she was sleeping.


Lilly is similar to Lana Berman .

  • Both are the deuteragonist.
  • Both betrayed Jack Boyd, in their respective games.
  • Both are killed by Jack, Lilly by an explosion, and Lana by a gunshot wound.