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Monday, July 15th is the 1st day of the game. 

On this day, Jack Boyd attends a press conference, regarding his imminent dismissal as Chief of Police.

Newspaper Headlines

These are the newspaper headlines for the 1st day of the game.

Golden Bird: Mayor Rogers - Sex Maniac?

Freeburg Tribune: City Hall Confirms Rumors of Jack Boyd's Resignation

The Fact: Mark War 2 To Be Shown In Freeburg The Day Before The Worldwide Premiere, By The Mayor's Personal Request.

Before the day's conference

Jack arrives at city hall in his banged up vehicle on a wet and muddy day in Freeburg, where two companions await to take him to the press conference.

For the transcript, go here.

The conference

This press conference consists of a total of five questions. They can be found below. Mouse over each option to read what Jack will say specifically if that option is picked.

1st question

The first question is as follows:

Yesterday, the mayor's office officially announced your resignation. Did this come as a surprise, or did you know about it in advance?
— The Press.

And your options to respond with, are:

  • Surprise.
  • The Mayor discussed it with me.
  • I've been expecting this bullshit from the Mayor.
  • What's the difference?

2nd question

The second question is as follows:

Do you already know the name of your successor?
— The Press.

And your options to respond with, are:

  • No.
  • I think it's a new man.
  • I think it'll be a department veteran.
  • Who cares?

3rd question

The third question is as follows:

After the recent corruption scandal, your deputy Francis Kendrick said he was looking forward to resigning. If the mayor offered him your position, would that change his mind?
— The Press.

And your options to respond with, are:

  • Perhaps.
  • No way.
  • I'd be happy.
  • Who cares?

4th question

The fourth question is as follows:

Although Kendrick was acquitted, many still believe that the police are cooperating with the mafia. Do you have anything to say about this?
— The Press.

And your options to respond with, are:

  • Bullshit.
  • I don't know.
  • If it helps police.
  • No comment.

5th question

The fifth question is as follows:

Do you think your personal relationship with the mayor could be the reason behind your retirement?
— The Press.

And your options to respond with, are:

  • Definitely.
  • Definitely not.
  • Possibly.
  • How should I know?

After this question is answered, the press conference will be concluded.

After the day's conference

Jack heads back to his office in the police station, asking Emma not to let anyone in. Especially Francis Kendrick. Despite this request, Mayor Rogers makes an unwanted entrance, and after an altercation with Jack, declares his deal; as long as Jack doesn't give him any trouble for the remaining 180 days of Jack's employment, he likewise won't give Jack any problems.

For the transcript, go here.