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Jack arrives at City Hall and turns off his truck's engine while two accomplices wait for him.

Jack (Aside): When I was a kid, my father sometimes told me at bedtime that if I closed my eyes and didn't open them for long enough, all the demons would blow away. Yesterday I turned 60, but I still take his advice. Not because I'm sentimental, or want to keep the memory of my father alive. I just can't think of a better solution. To get away from all the demons that haunt Freeburg, I'd need to wear a blindfold 24/7. Plus it's a good idea to act blind, when talking to reporters - at least that's what my colleagues say. They're afraid of press conferences, but for me it's more like a confessional. No matter what lies you tell, you're privately thinking the honest answers. It helps me remember who I am. The fact that I'll be reading all about it in the papers tomorrow is a small price to pay. Call it penance for the preacher.

Jack steps out of his vehicle and heads towards the entrance of City Hall. He along with the waiting accomplices head inside and start walking towards where the press conference is being held.

Jack (Aside): This is the first time I'm afraid of those answers my mind is giving me. Not because I'm mad I'm losing my job, though it's true I'm mad as hell. Not because I subconsciously blame everyone else, though I damn sure do blame them. And don't even ask me what my next move is. I can't imagine. But even that doesn't scare me. The worst thing is: I know I'm gonna have to do something, and I'll be damned if I know how far I'll go. I may have a lot of vices, but predictability isn't one of them.

They arrive at the press conference room. It's already filled with reporters talking among themselves.

Jack (Aside): I learned a long time ago how to drive away the swarming demons. But what do you do when they're trying to rip your soul from your skin? Shutting my eyes as tight as I can. The best solution remains the same: play blind. I just hope the reporters think I was blinded by the camera flash.

Audio Version:
Day 1 - Morning


Jack returns to his office at Freeburg Police Station. Emma, his secretary, is still working at her desk.

Emma: How's the back today, Mr. Boyd?

Jack: Same as usual.

Emma: How did the press conference go?

Jack: You can read about it in the newspapers tomorrow. Don't let anyone in.

Emma: Even Mr. Kendrick?

Jack: Especially Mr. Kendrick.

Jack then enters his office and closes the door behind him, sits down at his desk and opens a drawer to reveal some painkillers in a bottle. He takes three of them along with some water, and then lights a cigar. Seconds later, the door opens again.

Jack (Aside): As soon as I heard the door creak, I knew what face I'd see. When I tell Emma not to let anyone in, there's only one man it could be. Rude, arrogant, no warning - that's Mayor Rogers in a nutshell. White summer shoes, white socks, white shorts, white polo shirt, and the white smile of a hungry shark. Mayor Rogers enters every room like he owns the place. Even the floorboards under his feet sound like they're creaking an apology. He never shied away from the odd corruption scheme - it's like the devil walks behind him. In the movies, the villains controlling the city play golf with the judges. Rogers plays tennis with them instead. That's about the only difference.

Rogers: Jack, I was hoping to catch you after the press conference. You ran away so quick!

Jack: There's no smoking at City Hall. No reason for me to hang around.

Rogers: Well, this morning I signed a ban on smoking in all public buildings. Soon you won't be able to smoke here either.

Jack: Soon enough I won't be here at all.

Mayor Rogers pauses to re-align a slanted painting on Jack's wall.

Rogers: That's what I wanted to talk to you about. The people of this city like you, Jack. The police chief, of all people...Don't betray that, Jack. Don't get wrapped up in any schemes. Sit nice and quiet for the next 180 days, and you'll be remembered as a hero. That's the only thing that you still have left - be the hero.

Jack: Then how am I supposed to scrape together a retirement fund?

Rogers: You had a million chances to secure a luxury pension - one that even I would have envied. Though I've never set aside any money for myself. I'm not planning to retire any time soon.

Mayor Rogers then takes Jack's cigar off him and puts it out on the map of Freeburg.

Rogers: 180 days of quiet, Jack - that's all I need. I don't have any problems with you, and you won't have any problems with me.

Mayor Rogers comes back to Jack's desk and passes him a card.

Rogers: I have a new assistant, Troy Starr. If you have something to tell me, call him. But try not to bother him. He's a busy man.

Jack: I'll do my best.

Mayor Rogers heads back to the door, pauses, and then glances back.

Rogers: And quit smoking up the office. One of my friends will be using it soon.

Mayor Rogers then leaves, closing the door behind him. Jack picks up his phone to call Troy Starr, who is in the middle of intercourse with his wife, when the phone rings.

Starr: I'm sorry babe. Only the mayor has this number.

Troy Starr answers the phone.

Starr: Mr. Mayor?

Jack: Is this Troy Starr?

Starr: Yes.

Jack: Go fuck yourself, Troy Starr.

Jack slams the phone down without giving Troy a chance to retort.

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Day 1 - Night