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Monday, July 29th is the 15th day of the game.

On this day, Jack Boyd goes to work at Freeburg Police Department.

Newspaper Headlines

These are the newspaper headlines for the 15th day of the game.

Golden Bird: Mayor proves his commitment to nepotism.

Freeburg Tribune: City Police Chief not elected position, says Mayor.

The Fact: Mayor Rogers: "If my nephew wants to lead the police, I support him"

Calls today

Shift A is on call for today's work.

Working hours start from 07:00 to 02:00 for today.

City Hall will request that you make sure at least half of your staff (Including detectives) are female, to appease the recent increase in feminist activity. You will have 3 days to do so.

Crimes and Investigations

Time Type of report Amount of time to answer call Call Type Location Number of officers allowed Support allowed? Civilians at risk? Other Notes
07:50 Suicide Threat 25 seconds Choice Bridge 4 No Yes
09:00 Breaking and Entering 25 seconds False Alarm Suburb 4 Yes No
10:40 Disorderly Conduct 30 seconds Normal Business Center 3 No Yes There is loot found here: Cocaine.
17:10 Hostage Situation with a fatal casualty 20 seconds Reinforcements needed Bank of Freeburg 5 Yes Yes

War Assignments

Time Mafia side Location Number of officers needed Other Notes
12:50 The Sands Octopus Restaurant 2
14:50 The Vargas Octopus Restaurant 2
19:50 The Sands Suburb 2
22:00 The Vargas Suburb 2

Other Assignments


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