The murder of Elvis Calvo is an investigation. Despite the suggested connection to an unnamed mafia, the suspect does not appear to be a member in any gang, making this investigation a one-off.

Investigations chronology
Day 4: Homicide

Day 5: Robbery
Day 9: Arson
Day 13: Hit and Run
Day 15:

Day 16: Theft
Day 18: Theft
Day 21: Robbery
Day 25: Homicide
Day 29:

Day 59: Drug sales
Day 62: Double Homicide
Day 66: Arson
Day 70: Homicide
Day 73: Homicide
Day 84: Abduction
Day 89: Attempted Carjacking
Day 94: Missing Person
Day 98: Homicide
Day 100: Child Molestation
Day 159: Assault
Day 167: Rape

In-game text

The secretary of prominent businessman Elvis Calvo reports that unknown persons broke into her boss's office and threw him out the window.

Clues and witnesses

Mr. Hall

Michael Hall, guard: "I saw a black sedan pull up to the building, and two men, one in a raincoat, got out. They passed me without saying anything."

Ms. Bronk

Irene Bronk, secretary: "I heard the elevator, and I turned and saw two scary men. I didn't see any weapons, but they made it clear they'd kill me if I got in their way."

Mr. Fitter

Josh Fitter, Chief Financial Officer: "It could have been a robbery. Elvis had a safe in his office. Don't know what he kept inside it…"

Mr. Gaines

Steven Gaines, a cleaner: "Yes, I saw a couple of idiots, but I don't remember what time that was. I actually learned about the incident only later."

Mrs. Calvo

Charla Calvo, the victim's wife: "Elvis had his share of problems, but he preferred not to talk about them. But I knew there were some people trying to take away his business, and he was offering them a bribe."


Timothy Foster: unemployed, but according to unconfirmed reports, he's a cleaner for the mafia.


  • Suburb: A reliable informant reports that Timothy was living here recently.
  • King Lewis Night Club: Timothy previously worked as a bouncer at the club. It's unknown whether he can be found there now.


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