The murder of Ronnie Moore is the first investigation in This Is The Police.

Investigations chronology
Day 4: Homicide

Day 5: Robbery
Day 9: Arson
Day 13: Hit and Run
Day 15:

Day 16: Theft
Day 18: Theft
Day 21: Robbery
Day 25: Homicide
Day 29:

Day 59: Drug sales
Day 62: Double Homicide
Day 66: Arson
Day 70: Homicide
Day 73: Homicide
Day 84: Abduction
Day 89: Attempted Carjacking
Day 94: Missing Person
Day 98: Homicide
Day 100: Child Molestation
Day 159: Assault
Day 167: Rape

In-game text

Black activist Ronnie Moore was found shot outside his home.

Clues and witnesses

Mr. Graham

Eric Graham, a drunk witness: "They drove by in a sedan, and they shot like a machine gun. I didn't see much."

Mr. Clayton

Glenn Clayton, neighbor: "I only heard a few muffled shots."

Mr. Carr

Lawrence Carr, neighbor: "He got what he deserved! He's been causing trouble for a long time, and recently there's been lots of cursing and carrying on."

Ms. Cobb

Stacey Cobb, a witness: "I don't remember the car, and the neighborhood was quiet. I never heard any shots."

Mr. Carpenter

Daryl Carpenter, a neighbor: "The police these days don't do nothing! I almost died myself! I went to buy some medicine, and was nearly hit by some idiot's car!"


Travis Horton: a known racist, who already has several previous convictions.


Port Warehouses: Travis works at the port as a loader.


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