Rebel Cops is an action-strategy game developed by Weappy and serves as a spin-off and sequel to This Is The Police 2. It was released on September 17th, 2019 for PC, PS4 & Xbox. On November 19th, 2019, HandyGames, the company responsible for porting TITP and TITP2 to mobile devices, announced they are planning on released a mobile port of Rebel Cops for Android. Set in the town of Ripton, the game focuses on a group of police officers who go underground to arrest crime boss Viktor Zuev, who has taken over the town.


7 years following the events of This Is The Police 2, crime boss Victor Zuev takes over the town of Ripton. Officers of the Ripton Police Department, who didn’t want to serve Zuev, resigned and formed a resistance to arrest him & liberate the town.

Their first mission was to rescue hostages in the Azam & Sons Bank and eliminate the armed robbers. They succeed and begin to go after Zuev’s chain of command, starting with Zachary Ginzburg, Zuev’s right hand man. They capture Donovan Idova, Ginzburg’s head of security at his estate. Idova tells them all about the estate, and they liberate the Berfalk Photo Studio in order to get extra supplies. A sniper joins them and provides support.

They assault the estate in order to retrieve documents about Zuev’s empire and to capture Ginzburg himself, even doing numerous jobs for Ripton’s citizens.

Two rebel cops are abducted while playing kickball before breakfast, getting sent to Ripton’s airport and a construction site in order to be killed. The other rebels first investigate deals between the Sharpwood Sheriff’s Department and Zuev’s men at the MotherTruckers Bar and a bookstore. The rebel cops are only able to save one of them, but they continue their mission.

Warren Nash, the sheriff of Sharpwood’s law enforcement, contacts the rebels and gives them explosives, stating the events at the bar/bookstore was a misunderstanding. They use the explosives to blow up a steel mine and cripple Zuev’s economy.

The photo studio is attacked again by Zuev’s men, forcing the rebel cops to defend it. They then assault the DDM Supermarket, blowing up a drug lab that finally attracts Zuev’s full attention.

Alphyna Bering, Zuev’s accountant and confidant, goes to the “Colors of Life” Commune to seek help in defeating the rebels. The rebels steal a military truck and infiltrate the compound, arresting Bering, who tells them about the Lucky Spirit, a casino that has the information needed to incarcerate Zuev’s and his allies.

The rebel cops infiltrate the casino and take the Bering Black Book. Duvall Jr. is killed by one of the rebels and are forced to attack Zuev at his mansion, who is protected by loyal members of the Ripton Police Department. The rebels fight and succeed in capturing Zuev, who they bring to Sharpwood. On the way however, they are ambushed by the Sharpwood police, who are implied to have killed both the rebels and Zuev.

In a post-credit scene, Warren Nash is seen standing in front of a map of the region, which includes the towns of Sharpwood, Big Rift, Gerinsberg, Nirking and Ripton.


Story Mode

Undermine Viktor Zuev & his operations in story mode. Missions carried out by your cops are akin to This Is The Police 2’s Tactical Operations. Unlike TITP2, missions are now focused more on exploration rather than completing the mission. Explore locations around Ripton to find money and loot to support your cause. Completing good deeds like giving items to Ripton’s citizens & completing their objectives and rescuing civilians during operations can earn you Street Cred.

Rebel Yell

Rebel Yell is an endless game mode introduced in Rebel Cops. You take control of four cops armed only with knives, forcing you to scavenge and survive as you battle waves of enemies.

Game Mechanics

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