This Is the Police Wikia Rules

1. You are to respect every wikia contributors in this wikia.

2. There are four punishments. One is light, one is medium, one severe and the last, termination.

3. Any complains against an administrator can be forwarded to the Founder's message wall.

Punishment System

Informal Warning

Informal Warning is the lightest reprimand a contributor may get. This is not too serious and is generally a reminder for a mistake a contributor may have done. This is often handed out to those who display poor English capabilities when editing a page or posted wrong pictures, videos or facts.

Formal Warning

Formal Warning is the second form of warning which is a bit more serious than informal warning and is often handed out to those who intentionally posted wrong facts, disrespectful to wikia contributors and admins. This formal warning is noted down and may prevent a contributor from becoming admin.


A suspension is often handed out to those who did a very serious violation such as, vandalism, complete disregard a rule or multiple rules. A suspension also blocks a contributor from editing for a set of period handed out by an admin.


Termination is the last form of punishment handed out to contributors. It will hand out to those who threaten other contributors, admins, attacks to all pages, serious and repeated vandalism and repeated complete disregard of wikia rules. A contributor will be blocked permanently from editing any pages and will rarely have an expiration date. Appeals can be handed to the bureaucrat only.

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