The abduction of Timothy Wayne is an investigation of the Sands mafia.

In-game text

Orson Sand kidnapped businessman Timothy Wayne

Clues and witnesses


Orson Sand runs the protection racket in Freeburg, and solves all sorts of problems for the Sand family. No restaurant in the city does business without him knowing about it.


Timothy Wayne owns the Hell on Wheels car dealership. He doesn't like to waste away in the back office, and prefers to meet clients and make sales in the showroom. Wayne secretly began to work with Varga, shortly after he came to town. Sand found out about it and decided to make a vivid example of Timothy Wayne, in case anyone else had any ideas about going against the family.


Orson Sand and two accomplices drove to the Hell on Wheels car dealership in a red emergency vehicle.


Orson Sand doesn't use weapons. He's a very athletic man, and can do whatever he needs with his bare hands.


Timothy Wayne's shoes were found on the sidewalk near the showroom entrance. Apparently, he resisted when the kidnappers dragged him to the car.


Orson Sand: the younger brother of Christopher G. Sand, and his right hand man.


  • Street Workout Playground: Orson Sand keeps himself in shape, and works out every day
  • Twister Strip Club: Orson Sand never misses a performance from his favorite stripper, Snezhana


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