Extortion and Assault is an investigation of the Sands mafia.

In-game text

Martin Sand extorted some money from Jake Pritchett, a bigtime loser at the races.

Clues and witnesses

King of the bookies

Martin Sand is a lieutenant in the Sand mafia family. He manages a network of bookies and enjoys personally collecting the especially large debts, even though he has repeatedly been instructed by the family boss not to meddle in such affairs.


Martin Sand hates automobiles, and travels everywhere on his favorite horse, Snowhite.


Martin Sand never leaves the house without a gun, but he rarely ever uses it. He prefers to beat debtors with a large whip, and finishes his victims with a shank. Martin Sand wears cowboy boots and spurs.


Jake Pritchett, a widower, lost a large sum of money at the races, and hasn't been able to pay. He lives alone in the suburbs.


The neighbors heard the sounds of breaking glass, and men yelling: "Pay up or die!"


Martin Sand: lieutenant in the Sand mafia family.


Countryside: Martin Sand enjoys riding alone


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