The execution of Timothy Wayne is the final investigation of the Sands mafia.

In-game text

Christopher G. Sand executed businessman Timothy Wayne.

Clues and witnesses

The big boss

Christopher G. Sand is the head of the Sand mafia family, a role he plays as grandson of the founder. He kills people in exceptional cases, and the Timothy Wayne case is exceptional.


Timothy Wayne is the owner of the Hell on Wheels car dealership, which helped Varga in the war against Sand. He was kidnapped by Orson Sand and his accomplices. They brought Wayne to the ranch in an ambulance, stripped him naked, and sat him next to the aviary beside the hunting dogs. There he waited for the arrival of Christopher G. Sand.


Christopher G. Sand wanted to hear an explanation why, after so many years of mutually beneficial cooperation, Timothy Wayne would choose to stab him in the back and get into bed with Vicus Varga. In response, Timothy Wayne spat in Christopher G. Sand's face.


Christopher G. Sand is a seasoned hunter and prefers hunting rifles. But in the case of Wayne Timothy he used a shotgun. He shot him in the stomach, so he could suffer a little before he died.


The bleeding body of Timothy Wayne was thrown into the kennel with the hungry hunting dogs.


Christopher G. Sand: head of the Sand mafia family.


  • Sand's Ranch: Christopher G. Sand hardly ever leaves the ranch
  • Christopher G. Sand's Ice Arena: Christopher G. Sand is devoting a lot of time to his new project
  • Nursing Home: Christopher G. Sand has gone to visit his elderly mother


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