The theft of antique weapons is an investigation of the Sands mafia.

In-game text

George Sand has stolen some weapons from the station warehouse. These are rare weapons from the Second World War, which the authorities of Freeburg would rather see in a museum.

Clues and witnesses

Gun runner

George Sand is a lieutenant in the Sand mafia family. He manages the flow of arms. He buys the guns, sometimes steals them and isn't above pocketing the boss's money. George Sand has a bad back, so he usually works with a strongarm accomplice – which makes him even harder to take down.


The warehouse isn't under guard. The door is closed with a padlock.


The padlock on the door was broken with a pry-bar.


The rare rifles with bayonets, which hadn't even been used during World War II, were on the second floor of the warehouse. The rifles were packed in long green boxes.


The boxes were transferred to a truck with no plates, covered with a tarp and moved out. The man behind the wheel was George Sand.


George Sand: lieutenant in the Sand mafia family.


  • The Last Picture Show Theater: George Sand has tickets to the premiere of the new "Bloody Shirt" thriller.
  • Drugstore: George Sand ran out of painkillers for his back, and went out for some more.


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