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Friday, July 19th Saturday, July 20th Sunday, July 21st

Saturday, July 20th is the 6th day of the game.

On this day, Jack Boyd goes to work at Freeburg Police Department. This day introduces Christopher Sand's mafia assignments and services.

Newspaper Headlines

These are the newspaper headlines for the 6th day of the game.

Golden Bird: Tomas Blaine, Pregnant Woman Killer, Sent To Mental Hospital

Freeburg Tribune: According to Dr. Eleonora Waterbury: "Tomas Blaine Has A New Form of Schizophrenia."

The Fact: Mayor Rogers "Not Afraid of the Competition"

Before the day's work

As Jack heads to his office, Emma stops him and gives him an envelope left behind by a mafia associate. Jack opens it in his office to reveal the fate of Francis Kendrick, depending on whether the player chose to help Kendrick or not. Despite the choice, Sand will call Jack up and confirm that Jack is the mafia's new inside man, whether he wants to be, or not.

For the transcript, go here.

Calls today

Shift B will be on call for today's work.

Work hours start from 07:00 until 02:00 for today.

Today is the deadline for firing all black officers and detectives (You can still pass the request, if you complete the requirement before clicking on the message from the mayor).

Mafia assignments will begin today.

If you arrest Kuan-Yin Lin on the previous day, today is the day you can begin investigation into taking down The Red Masks.

Bao Liang will distort the facts about the Red Mask gang, causing unnecessary distress in the public. City Hall will request that you take down the gang quickly to prevent panic. You will have 4 days to do so.

Crimes and Investigations

Time Type of report Amount of time to answer call Call Type Location Number of officers allowed Support allowed? Civilians at risk? Other Notes
08:30 Attempted Murder 30 seconds Normal Sugar Dream Confectionary(sic) 2 No No
11:25 Carjacking 25 seconds Choice Suburb 3 No No
14:20 Hostage Situation 15 seconds False Alarm Suburb 4 No No
16:50 Theft 20 seconds Normal Rubinovich Casino 2 No No
20:10 Assault with a Deadly Weapon 45 seconds Choice City Center 4 No Yes

Other assignments

Time Caller Amount of time to answer call Call Type Location Number of officers needed Outcome Money awarded Other Notes
17:15 Christopher G. Sand Instant response needed Mafia assignment N/A 1 The officer will return to the station afterwards. $0 Affects the Mafia's relationship.