The abduction at the kindergarten is an investigation of the Snow Warriors gang. It is one of only two investigations that produce more than one suspect and the only such gang investigation.

In-game text

Peter Murphy and Jim Collins kidnapped several black children from kindergarten.

Clues and witnesses


Peter Murphy and Jim Collins work as plumbers, and they always go on calls together. They don't wear uniforms – they prefer track suits.


The kidnappers took two black boys and a dark-skinned girl


The kidnappers escaped with the children in a white van


The young teacher was focused on a book, and didn't notice as the kidnappers came up behind her and knocked her out.

Crime scene

On the playground we found a rag with traces of chloroform, the novel "The Catcher in the Rye", some fake tickets for a performance by imaginary illusionist Harry Baryshnikov, and a wrench.


  • Peter Murphy: Longtime member of a racist gang. Murphy believes that blacks take jobs away from whites, and wants to solve the problem "once and for all" – by eliminating all the black children in Freeburg.
  • Jim Collins: faithful friend of Peter Murphy. He obeys Murphy's orders, and hopes to become a member of his racist gang, once he's completed a few assignments.


  • Moonlight Soccer Stadium: Peter Murphy is a real football fan. He never misses a local match.
  • Freeburg Elementary School: Jim Collins has been summoned to his son's school. The boy has gotten himself into trouble.


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