The Church is an institution that from the mid to late game on offers a variety of religious services in exchange for money. Their exact benefits are not explained in-game and aren't easy to derive from extracted game data.

The Church will also ask the police for help and reward you with minuscule amounts of money that do not seem to be worth the effort of sending officers out. In the process, the bishop tells you in no uncertain terms that the Church is selling and even manufacturing drugs and once you arrest the first member of the Church it can be investigated like any other gang.

Unlocking the Church services

During normal game play the Church can be unlocked no earlier than day 92, when a gray call icon appears at the Cathedral, asking for five officers. Once the call has been answered, the Church is added to the Affairs menu and can additionally be accessed by clicking the cathedral.

Church missions

The Church will occasionally ask for your help through calls that behave similar to side missions except they do not have any (apparent) side effects. The only obvious reward is the small amount of money you will receive.

ID Day Time Duration Cops requested Location Reward
CHURCH0001 92 5 Suburb $75
Mr. Boyd, I don't know if you come to mass, but if you do, you may know that our most enlightened and progressive parishioners donate absurd sums of money to curry the favor of God's blessed powder. Truly this powder is mana from the heavens, which clears the mind in preparation for the coming of the Antichrist. Unfortunately, some of our flock have been turned from the house of the Lord, for outside, the enemies of Jesus sell them fake, satanic powder – and they're undercutting our God-blessed prices. It would be a great thing if you were to get rid of them, as our Lord Jesus drove the merchants from the house of God.
CHURCH0002 95 17:20 60 6 City Center $55
Mr. Boyd, I have decided to build a new church for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ, and am beset by the greedy paws of his good servants. Just when we were about to start laying the foundation, the developer decided to raise the price of his services, threatening to disrupt our production schedule. His new demands are un-Christian – and simply extortionist! The Lord wants you to send your employees to talk with this developer and his men. Put a few of them in cement. We have to make it clear to these greedy heathens that the Lord's house shall be built even on the bones of sinners.
CHURCH0003 100 9:15 60 4 Unicorns of Arcadia Gay Club $55
Mr. Boyd, I'm a man of broad views, and I came to terms with the existence of sodomites a long time ago, especially when they keep a low profile. But now these perverts have started shoving their rotting little syphilitic noses into our affairs. Drugs are freely being sold in the Unicorns of Arcadia gay club, right there in the public toilets. I beg you, send your men under cover and clean this filth out of the city, as the Lord once cleansed Sodom and Gomorrah.
CHURCH0004 102 9:40 60 3 St. John's Hospital $60
Mr. Boyd, I have long turned a blind eye to the activities of the women's clinic, which, in essence, is an abortion clinic for sluts. Happily, the management humbly recognized their sin, and delivered to our church plenty of the nutrients necessary for the preparation of our divine powder. But recently, the hospital replaced its chief doctor, and he refuses to continue honoring the arrangements established by his pious predecessors. Fortunately, I was able to quickly find an alternate supplier, and our production was not affected. However, this upstart doctor needs to be taught a lesson in Christian humility. I'm sure you have people who know how to cut out a man's pride with a scalpel. – And hold the anesthesia.
CHURCH0005 157 14:15 60 5 True Color Hotel $72
Mr. Boyd, I wanted to arrange a holiday for the faithful of our city, with popular Christian music to attract the young people. I invited a Christian rock group, the Freeburg Brothers in Christ – they're supposed to be perfect role models for young people around the world. At first everything went fine: they came and behaved very nicely, as befits humble men singing praises to the Lord. But on the day of the concert it came out that their lead singer overdosed on cocaine and whiskey, while the other members of the group were staging an orgy with male prostitutes. I canceled the concert and demanded that the musicians return their fee, but they told me to go to hell. The Lord wants you to deal with these worthless hypocrites. Let them know we don't suffer false prophets lightly.
CHURCH0006 163 15:50 60 4 St. John's Cathedral $49
Mr. Boyd, a black sheep has crept in to my parish. For the second Sunday in a row, this villain dips his unclean fingers into the donations bowl, filled with the generous offerings of our members. My people weren't able to catch the thief in time, so I'm asking for your help. Send to our church your most devout employees, that they may guard the sacred chalice of the Lord like eagles. And when those eagles sink their claws into the wicked, bring him unto me – for I wish to teach the thief a lesson on the ways of the Old Testament.
CHURCH0007 169 15:00 60 6 Soaps and Sparkles Car Wash $66
Mr. Boyd, in the execution of my duties I have to spend a lot of time on the road, and I prefer to do it in comfort. To this end, the congregation purchased for the church a few lovely jeeps, white as an angel's wings. We made an agreement with the garage next door, that they will service our vehicles as necessary. However, after a routine oil change, one of our jeeps started having chronic engine problems. I fear one of the mechanics in the workshop is a vile saboteur. I request that you send in your people, and with the help of a hydraulic press explain to everyone present that Satan himself cannot with impunity put a rod through the wheels of the Lord's servants.


The Church offers the following services to the Jack and the Freeburg Police Department

Bless the police station

The Bishop of Freeburg will personally bless the police station and all of its employees.

Forgiveness of sins

No one is born without sin, but not everybody wants to live that way.

Policemen funeral

The Bishop of Freeburg will personally deliver the eulogy for fallen police department employees.

Policemen funeral (by phone)

The Bishop of Freeburg will deliver by phone the eulogy for fallen police department employees.

A prayer for Jack's family

The Bishop of Freeburg will personally pray for the happiness and health of Jack's family.

Touch the relics

The Bishop of Freeburg will allow you to touch the relics kept in the cathedral.

Sermon for employees

The Bishop of Freeburg will personally deliver a sermon to all officers and detectives at the station.


Bishop arrest

Promotional image of two officers arresting the bishop

The drug operation behind the Church consists of three members. Once their leader is arrested and the gang is destroyed, you will lose access to the church's services and side missions.

Aaron Huber

Aaron Huber

Aaron Huber

Father Aaron Huber is a priest at the St. John's Cathedral in Freeburg. He was born in Perchtoldsdorf, Austria and has been molested by his father at a young age and suffered from the mental trauma through his youth and adolescence. He was an outcast in school, with girls in particular avoiding him.

On day 100, 11-year-old Michael Song accuses Huber of molesting him, leading to an investigation and ultimately, his arrest. If you chose to arrest him, you will receive a reward of $15000. Otherwise, you will have to interrogate him, opening up the investigation into Joseph Costello.

Joseph Costello

Joseph Costello

Joseph Costello

Father Joseph Costello is another priest at the Cathedral. Not much is known about him but his vegetarianism and dedication to the Church.

Costello is in charge of the transportation of drugs from the bishop's vineyard to the church and storing and hiding them there. If you decide not to go after the bishop, Costello's arrest will yield a reward of $35000.


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