The molestation of Michael Song is an investigation into a member of the Church. After the successful investigation and interrogation, the Church can be investigated as a gang.

Investigations chronology
Day 4: Homicide

Day 5: Robbery
Day 9: Arson
Day 13: Hit and Run
Day 15:

Day 16: Theft
Day 18: Theft
Day 21: Robbery
Day 25: Homicide
Day 29:

Day 59: Drug sales
Day 62: Double Homicide
Day 66: Arson
Day 70: Homicide
Day 73: Homicide
Day 84: Abduction
Day 89: Attempted Carjacking
Day 94: Missing Person
Day 98: Homicide
Day 100: Child Molestation
Day 159: Assault
Day 167: Rape

In-game text

11-year-old Michael Song, a boy from the choir, says he was molested by a priest, Aaron Huber.

Clues and witnesses


Michael Song, victim: "My mother and I were about to leave when Father Huber came up. He took me into his office and told me to read the Sermon on the Mount out loud. He bowed his head, sat down, and he put his arm around my shoulders, and… then he undid the top button on my shirt. I didn't like it but I didn't say anything. A little later, he pulled out his camera and began to take pictures while I read. Then he put the camera away and began unbuckling the belt on his pants. That's when I ran away."

Mrs. Song

Jina Song, the boy's mother: "Michael and his choir have been rehearsing here for a long time. They recently sang in front of the congregation and everyone applauded and praised Jesus. Afterwards, Father Huber came to talk to us, and said he wanted to pray with Michael! God gave him such an angelic voice. Father Huber said that he would drive Michael home, and I told Michael he could go along with the holy Father."

Medical expert

The boy's body shows no traces of sexual violence


We found several Polaroids of boys from the choir in Aaron Huber's office. Some of the shots are of partially or completely naked children.

Mr. Song

Jim Song, the boy's father: "I had to leave in the middle of Michael's performance. There's a ton of work at the office. I won't leave my son at church for another second! No more choir for Michael. I'd rather he sing in a rock band!"


Aaron Huber: priest.


  • St. John's Cathedral: Aaron Huber spends all his time preaching and praying in fellowship with his flock.
  • Gallery of Modern Art: Aaron Huber is interested in contemporary art


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