The escape of David Douglass is an investigation of the Pagangsters gang.

In-game text

David Douglass, former director of the Scottish Theatre, escaped from Diamond Dog prison with the aid of an accomplice, fellow gang member Kester Athol, who killed two prison guards during the escape.

Clues and witnesses


David's escape from Diamond Dogs prison was over a year in the planning. The prison is an impregnable fortress, so they concocted a devious plan and poisoned David's mother, who he despised. She spent several months in the hospital dying from gastric bleeding, and David easily won the right to visit his mother. Then, after her death, he was allowed gravesite visitation for a month. David displayed exemplary behavior, and because these visits always went so smoothly, the number of guards accompanying him was reduced from 8 to 2, and additional police presence was deemed unnecessary. It's exactly what they were waiting for.

Escape Plan

The cemetery where David's mother was buried is surrounded by two very high fences. The gravesite itself is physically impossible to approach by car, as the way through the graves is too narrow. Mrs. Douglass was buried a good ten minute walk from the cemetery entrance, so David's escape was going to be risky. They decided Kester would enter the graveyard on a motorcycle, carrying a gun with a silencer, and get the job done quick.


They hoped that the guards wouldn't have time to react, and wouldn't notice to the suspicious sound of the approaching motorcycle. Kester would rush them at full speed, and shoot them before they had a chance to recover from the surprise. But as far as I know, he only managed to shoot one of them, so he had to improvise, but I don't know the details. Either way, he overwhelmed the guards and got David out of there safely.


Kester Athol: Former military, former stuntman, and former actor at the Scottish Theatre.


  • Residential Area: Kester Athol rents a room in the apartment of a certain Mrs. Lossuer.
  • The Last Picture Show Theater: Kester Athol, as a veteran of the war, often takes advantage of the servicemen's discount at the movie theatre.


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