The Pagan ritual is the final investigation of the Pagangsters gang.

In-game text

Former employees [of the] Scottish Theatre held a pagan ritual, using the head of the deceased souvenir shopkeeper, and torched an apartment in the process.

Clues and witnesses


Halloween is a pagan celebration, passed down by our great ancestors, and it's painful to watch it being transformed into a commercial circus. While our theater was open, we tried to carry on the true values ​​of the ancient tribes through our productions. And during Halloween, we four gathered, donned red raven costumes that we inherited from our forefathers, and smoked the magic powder that we bought from the Bishop. Did you know that he's also a pagan?


Last year we missed our traditional ritual because David Douglass, director and part-time theatre accountant, went to jail for financial fraud. So this year we decided to fight back like we should have done years ago: kill Boghos Sahak, that greedy Halloween souvenir hawker, who is corrupting the minds of our youth, and set his lifeless head on a machine of the gods. Of course it wouldn't be possible to perform our celebration in one of our own homes – there's just too much smoke, and the neighbors would have complained. So we'd rent an apartment for a day – every year a different one.


The machine of the gods is a great invention of our leader Moray Jocky, something like a metal water pipe, to which four tubes are attached. Moray would pour magic powder into the machine, followed by his own special magic liquid and throw in a lit match. Then we'd sit in a circle and inhale the smoke through a tube.


This time we rented an apartment in an old five-story building. There's almost nobody living there, so we didn't expect any trouble. The owner told us that the correct door was decorated with bats made of cardboard. We arrived, got dressed, assembled the machine, planted the head on top, and started to smoke. Everything was going according to plan, but then the machine began to smoke more than usual. David suddenly got angry, grabbed his sword and struck the machine. All the rest was a blur. There was an explosion, fire, smoke, and we run away in a panic. David was burned alive in the apartment.


Moray Jocky: The former director of the Scottish Theatre.


Suburb: Moray Jocky lives in a house that his parents bought after their arrival from Scotland.


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