Receiving Stolen Property is an investigation of the Red Masks gang.

In-game text

Ning He hid the stolen antique necklace.

Clues and witnesses

Right-hand Man

Ning He is the faithful assistant Jin Yang, a founding member of the gang. He's entrusted with the most serious jobs.


Ning He keeps his more valuable prizes at home while he arranges their sale. He then brings them to the Wise Dragon restaurant on the day before he's planning to make the deal. The gang must have had an immediate buyer for the necklace, so Ning He brought it to the restaurant the same night it was stolen.


Usually the restaurant is open around the clock, but it was closed that night before because an important deal was going down.


Ning He has a key to the restaurant.


Valuables are kept in a safe under the bar.


Ning He: chinese immigrant. Hasn't officially worked anywhere for the past 10 years.


Suburb: A year ago, Ning became owner of the house. The home was listed as a gift on his tax return.


Beginning and end frames


Collectible frames

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Correct sequence

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