The robbery of Bao Liang is an investigation of the Red Masks gang.

Investigations chronology
Day 4: Homicide

Day 5: Robbery
Day 9: Arson
Day 13: Hit and Run
Day 15:

Day 16: Theft
Day 18: Theft
Day 21: Robbery
Day 25: Homicide
Day 29:

Day 59: Drug sales
Day 62: Double Homicide
Day 66: Arson
Day 70: Homicide
Day 73: Homicide
Day 84: Abduction
Day 89: Attempted Carjacking
Day 94: Missing Person
Day 98: Homicide
Day 100: Child Molestation
Day 159: Assault
Day 167: Rape

In-game text

An antique Chinese necklace was stolen from Bao Liang while she was on the way to the pawn shop.

Clues and witnesses

Mrs. Liang

Bao Liang, the victim: "Me and my husband got into a difficult financial situation, and I was going to pawn an antique necklace, which has been in my family for many centuries. As I was carrying the necklace to the pawn shop, someone ripped the bag from my shoulder and disappeared. I didn't have time to do anything – not even cry out."

Mr. Fishman

Dwayne Fishman, witness: "The offender was on a motorcycle. He drove down the road, grabbed the bag and then escaped. I tried to race after him, but I didn't even have time to see if it was a man or a woman."

Ms. Olivarez

Anita J. Olivarez, witness: "I couldn't see his face, but he was dressed in a jacket, like those other bikers who hang around on the street corners."

Ms. Phillips

Kathy Phillips, witness: "It was definitely not a local biker. They are bald and have beards, but this guy looked Asian. Probably Japanese or Chinese."

Mrs. Patterson

Thomas Patterson, witness: "I didn't see a weapon in his hands. I just saw him grab her bag and ride off."


Kuan-Yin Lin: chinese immigrant, recently expelled from the university.


Chinatown Dormitory: After being expelled from the University, Kuan-Yin Lin moved here.


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