This is the transcript for Day 4 of the game. Some portions of the transcript may differ slightly from what is spoken in-game. Mouse over such parts to read what is spoken in-game.

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Jack is reading a newspaper in the kitchen, when someone knocks on the front door. He goes and to answer it.

Jack (Aside): Whenever I'm at home alone and there's a knock at the door, I always hope it will be my wife Laura. She's always forgetting her keys.

Jack opens the door to reveal two bible boys.

Jehova's Witness: Hello! My name is Steve. And you're Jack Boyd, is that right?

Jack just slams the door shut again, rather than answer.

Jack (Aside): To get to my front door, the Bible boys walked about a mile from the local bus stop, jumping over mud puddles and skirting a couple landfills. Laura doesn't go in for religion either, but according to her, these brave lunatics with their fake smiles deserve at least a minute of attention. She patiently listens to them, asks them questions, regales them with pastries, and never once dropping a hint of condescension. When I watch her do it, I've got to admit, it gets me. I'd have hugged those boys, sat with them on the porch and lit up a cigar. But a month after Laura left, all I could do was - quietly ask them not to bother me. Today I'm a little rougher still, shut the door on his nose this time. Another couple weeks at this rate, and I'll be greeting anyone who comes close with my service pistol pointed towards the sky, ready to fire my warning shots.

Jack starts to head upstairs to his room.

Jack (Aside): In my life, even the basic stuff never goes like it's supposed to. Normally when a wife is going to leave home, she'll make a scene, or at least sit everyone down for a "serious conversation". But Laura just disappeared. The children in the stories always stand on the side of the mother, but all three of our sons supported me. The in-laws always blame the husband for making their daughter unhappy, but now Sally, Laura's mother - well, we sort of have a pact.

Jack reaches his room and opens it up to reveal a seriously unkempt room.

Jack (Aside): The fellow Laura ran off with is young enough to be her son. I hear he's 30 years old. Of all the possible information a man can know about his wife's lover, I get hit with that. Fortunately, Laura's mother doesn't like the way it sounds either. Sally figures this guy just thought he'd have some fun with a mature woman, but he'll be back chasing college girls before the year is out. So we have an agreement. Sally's going to track down Laura and try to reason with her, and we'll arrange a meeting. Meanwhile I'm supposed to not do anything stupid. Which of course means anything at all. It's a crazy situation: I'm the police chief, and the person I'm entrusting to find my wife is an old woman armed with a phone book. But I can't afford to lose Sally as an ally, so for the moment I had to swallow my pride.

Jack sits on the bed and calls up Sally, who answers quickly.

Sally: Hello?

Jack: Mrs. Markham, this is Boyd.

Sally: Oh. Is there any news?

Jack: That's what I wanted to ask you. Have you found anything? An address, phone number? Have you spoken to her?

Sally: Don't worry, Jack, I have "narrowed the range to two suspects," or whatever you like to say at your police building.

Jack: "At my police building" we find people faster than a funny old woman chirping on the phone with my wife's girlfriends.

Sally: You're an old man, Jack. Come to your senses. They'd give us straight odds on the street. But I've got more energy, Jack. Maybe you think I'm a foolish old woman. But I go to my book club, argue with the girls about Byron, and it gives me energy. I talk to my dogs, and it gives me energy. And you have nothing, Jack. You don't even have a hobby. You've got no passion. It's why Laura left you.

Jack: Let's not go back into that, Sally. Find my wife, and we can discuss my hobbies later. I'm waiting for your call, and my patience is running thin.

Jack puts down the phone.

Jack (Aside): Laura, if you've stopped loving me, I'll let you go. I can't expect the impossible from you. Just don't let me die out here, okay?

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