The This Is The Police universe takes place in the mid-late 1980’s & early 1990’s in fictional locations across the United States of America.


July 14th - Jack Boyd is born.


Multiple molotov cocktails are thrown through the front window of the Sharpwood Sheriff’s Department, almost burning it to the ground. The officers were barely able to save it.


A gunfight occurred at the Sharpwood Sheriff’s Department.


Another gunfight occurred at the Sharpwood Sheriff’s Department.


Sunday, July 14th - Freeburg police chief Jack Boyd turns 60. Mayor Stewart Rogers announces Jack’s retirement.

Monday, July 15th - The events of This Is The Police begins. - Jack is given 180 days by Rogers to sit back quietly before his retirement and get a $500,000 retirement fund.


Wednesday, January 8th - Freeburg police assault the City Hall or the Chaffee House restaurant. Either Stewart Rogers or Eugene Chaffee is killed.

Friday, January 10th - Freeburg faces it’s coldest winter in the last 60 years. Prosecutor Shea Broom dies of a heart attack & the corpse of deputy police chief Martin Stett is found mutilated. Jack retires and later flees to Sharpwood.


November 20th - Sheriff Wells of the Sharpwood Sheriff’s Department & two other officers investigate the suspected location of the Neckties’s headquarters. All three are killed in an ambush.

November 21st - Newly promoted sheriff Lilly Reed interrogates Neckties member Wally Melton, one of the gang members that ambushed Wells. He reveals the locations of the Necktie’s headquarters at Sharpwood’s Lyndon Grant’s Complex and the location of a drug stash in Forseti tavern, converted into a house. Gale Greenberg leads an assault on the complex, while officers Charlie Fletcher & Corey Bello go to the house, where they find & arrest “Warren Nash,” Jack’s false identity. Gale is killed in the assault, and Jack helps Lily as a deputy sheriff in exchange to avoid getting arrested by the feds.

December 19th - Jack commands an assault on the Neckties’s base, putting an end to their operations in Sharpwood. He is promoted to First Deputy.

December 20th - Lana Berman finds Jack in Sharpwood.

December 30th - The events of This Is The Police 2 ends. - Lily is killed in an explosion. Jack leads his officers in defending the police department against Henderson’s men. Henderson dies, and Jack becomes the new sheriff, beginning to kill anyone else who knows his true identity.

December 31st - Mr. Fry is killed & Jack calls his secretary, asking her to come to Sharpwood.


October - Officers of the Ripton Police Department resign when Viktor Zuev takes over their town. They lead a rebellion against the crime boss.

October 31st - The events of Rebel Cops begin. The rebels stop Zuev’s men from robbing Ripton’s bank.

November 1st - The officers force a train to stop at Ripton’s railway station, in order to arrest Dominic Idova, a man working for Zuev in order to get closer to him.

November 2nd - The officers infiltrate Ginzburg’s Estate in order to get closer to Zuev and learn of a man named “Warren Nash.” They also help Ernest Berfalk take his photo studio back.

November 3rd - Two officers are kidnapped by Zuev’s men while playing kickball. The others attack the MotherTruckers Bar outside Big Rift and a bookstore within the town in order to find the kidnapped rebels. They meet cops from Sharpwood and engage in multiple firefights.

November 9th - The events of Rebel Cops end. The rebel cops assault Zuev at his mansion, who has hired Ripton police to protect him. They fail, and he is arrested in order to be prosecuted at Sharpwood. On the way to the town, the rebels are ambushed by Sharpwood cops, with Warren Nash ordering them to open fire, killing all of the rebels and possibly Zuev.

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