The Traveling Circus (Portuguese: Circo Mambembe) is a gang that is exclusive to the Portuguese language version of the game. It likens itself to a circus and its crimes to an art performance in which its members wear eye-catching animal masks, carry outdated but flashy weapons and demand applause from their victims instead of going for a covert and functional criminal operation.


This gang has five known members, three of which can be investigated and caught.

Guilherme Alves Santos

Guilherme Alves Santos

Guilherme Alves Santos

After a successful investigation into a carjacking incident, Guilherme Alves Santos will be captured and reveal himself to be a member of the Traveling Circus gang. He was the driver in a recent bank heist by the gang in which he also shot and killed an uninvolved member of the Hare Krishna sect.

Once captured, there is no need for an interrogation and Santos willingly discloses a lot of information for the following investigation, especially in relation to the image and art style of the gang. Arresting him will grant you a reward of $10000.

Murilo Diaz

Murilo Diaz

Murilo Diaz

Murilo Diaz is an experienced robber and a senior member of the gang. During the robbery he wore a bunny mask, a red open long-sleeved shirt and a white t-shirt which are prominent in the investigation frames.

Once his whereabouts are successfully investigated, Diaz can be found at the Ice Prince café where he eats cheap beef stew for all three meals any given day. Arresting him will grant you a reward of $15000.


Only known by his last name, Camargo was a short-fused member of the gang who caused a lot of complications during the heist. He wore a unicorn mask as a disguise during the robbery, even though it interfered with his vision and ability to move and didn't match the style which forbade fantasy animals. Its protruding horn later got caught in a door jamb which caused him to fall end spill the money, causing a severe delay.


Camargo (l) and Bastos with masks

When the gang met up at Almeida's after the heist, Camargo arrived in his unicorn mask, refusing to take it off and reacting aggressively to Almeida's repeated requests to remove it, ultimately provoking him to produce a shotgun, shooting Camargo and Bastos.


Bastos was another active robber at the bank but is only mentioned in passing. He wore a hippo mask during the heist but only appears in the background of the photo frames. After Camargo's argument with Almeida and the subsequent killing of Camargo, Bastos hesitated while the rest of the gang immediately started to flee which led to Almeida shooting him too.

Davi Almeida

Davi Almeida

Davi Almeida

Davi Almeida is the leader of the gang and the biggest perpetrator of the gang's eccentric style. The other members' testimonies indicate that he had no active role in the robbery but he acquired vital information beforehand and is in charge of distributing the loot afterwards.

Similarly, the investigation that leads to his arrest does not directly relate to the robbery but its aftermath in which an enraged Almeida fatally shot his subordinates Camargo and Bastos and was wounded by Diaz in self defense.

Almeida checked into the St. John's Hospital under a false name where he can be arrested. Doing so will grant you $30000 and eliminate the gang.


To eliminate this gang you must successfully investigate three crimes committed by the members of the gang.


Nacho Soriano's jeep was stolen from a gas station, while its owner went to the toilet.
— Investigation Description

If your language is set to Portuguese, this investigation should pop up at 11:40 on day 15.

Robbery / Homicide

Murilo Diaz, along with accomplices, robbed the River Bank and killed a civilian.
— Investigation Description

This description is a little confusing, since the civilian was killed by Santos, whom you've already caught at this point, and not Diaz, whom you're investigating.


Davi Almeida opened fire while they were splitting up the money they stole from the bank.
— Investigation Description

With its unclear timeline and long sequence, this is one of the most difficult cases in the game.

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