The homicide of Camargo and Bastos is the final investigation of the Traveling Circus gang.

In-game text

Davi Almeida opened fire while they were splitting up the money they stole from the bank.

Clues and witnesses

The Split

After every job, five days after the robbery, we meet up with our leader, Davi Almeida, to divide up the loot. The day before, a courier brings it over. So theoretically Almeida could take everything for himself, and not even let us in the house. But he's never double-crossed us.


We don't agree in advance who gets what percentage of the take. Almeida just reads out a poem by Manuel Bandeira, a different one each time, and then he starts to split up the loot. He says the verses suggest who deserves what amount. We agreed with his way of doing things, because Almeida has always been generous. Apparently, Bandeira's poetry teaches people not to be greedy. But Camargo was furious: he said Bandeira couldn't cut an apple in half, and it would be better if we trusted the careful and controlled prose of Erico Verissimo. I don't know which is better – in fact, I never read either one of them. And Camargo probably hasn't either, he just likes to show off.

Poetry Night

On the arranged evening, that idiot Camargo came to the meet wearing his unicorn mask. We begged him to take it off while we sat on the floor and waited for Almeida, but Camargo wouldn't listen. Then Almeida's assistant called us in, and it was too late to argue. Well, we went into the room, sat down, and waited for the poem to start. Almeida had the book in his hand, but he said there would be no poetry until Camargo takes off his stupid mask. Camargo said the mask made him feel like a man, and he didn't want to listen to the poem, because "only assholes and faggots in the postmodern era remain devoted to modernism." Then he stretched out his arm and showed Almeida his middle finger.


Of course, Almeida became furious and started shouting something about cultural reinvention and the denial of the literary canon, but Camargo stretched out his other hand and showed him his other finger. So he's sitting in his mask, shooting both birds at Almeida. Then Almeida goes really cold, and silently picks up a shotgun and blows Camargo's head right off. Me and Santos made a run for it, but Bastos hesitated and got shot in the stomach. I think he died on the spot.

The escape

Santos jumped out the window, but I figured we were too far up, so I ran for the door. I even managed to shoot Almeida once before I made it out. I always carry my gun with me. It all happened in a matter of seconds, but while I was running down the stairs, it seemed like it was taking me an hour. When I finally ran out into the street, I saw Santos driving away in our car. That bitch should have waited!


Davi Almeida: A young criminal boss, and head of the Traveling Circus gang.


St. John's Hospital: Almeida received medical treatment for his shoulder under the pseudonym M. Bandeira. He bribed a doctor, so they wouldn't inform the police about the bullet wound.


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