The River Bank robbery and homicide is the second investigation of the Traveling Circus gang.

In-game text

Murilo Diaz, along with accomplices, robbed the River Bank and killed a civilian.

Clues and witnesses


Our boss, Davi Almeida, made sure the bank's alarm wasn't working that day, and both guards would be off work due to minor stomach pain. I don't know how he did it, but we never ask too many questions. We just had to go to the bank at lunchtime when there were no visitors, fill up a bag and make a run for it. According to Almeida, the cashiers have lunch right there at their windows. Like a walk in the park. We weren't planning on shooting, so we just took some old carbines. Everybody else always goes for the latest gear, and we wanted to stand out!


We used to just break into the houses of rich moneybags folks from wealthy families, but now that we were going to rob a bank, we were getting to be real professionals. So we needed some kind of professional style. The carbines were a nice touch, but they weren't enough. We decided we'd all wear masks of our favorite animals. Diaz chose a rabbit, Bastos was a hippo. This time I had to wait in the car, so I didn't get to wear a mask, but next time I was going to be a wombat. And that moron Camargo put on a unicorn mask with a rubber horn sticking out – a full-headed mask, so he couldn't even turn around. Plus, we agreed on real animals, not fairy tale stuff, but Camargo just snapped, saying: "Everything is imaginary except money."


We had a plan. I stay in the car, and the guys go inside with their carbines and say, "The Circus is in town!" You get it, right? It was like the circus came to town, and they were the little circus animals, about to put on a show. Cool, huh? We figured that would be our catchphrase. So, the guys go in, say the catchphrase, then demand the cash. Diaz and Bastos kept the tellers at gunpoint, and Camargo filled the bag full of bills. Then Diaz says: "Let's give them a hand, ladies and gentlemen!" Then the guys bow and quietly leave. Now that's what I call style!


According to our calculations, the whole operation would take under five minutes. But I'd waited for more than ten already and I started to get worried. Turns out it was all Camargo's fault. First, he didn't bow when Diaz asked for the applause. Then when the guys were leaving, Camargo got his fucking horn caught in the door jamb, dropped the bag and scattered the money everywhere. So the guys had to quickly load the bag up again. I couldn't figure out how money could fall out of a sports bag. But it turns out this moron didn't just throw the bag over his shoulder, but hugged it to his chest with both hands, because he wanted to "feel the heartbeat of the money." That guy is one sick freak.


When I saw the guys coming out of the bank, I started the engine, but then some Hare Krishna dude walked up, and started shoving his pamphlets through the window. Dumbass. He's trying to hand me this stupid shit! – Me! A righteous Catholic! Well, I took out my revolver and shot him in the face. Let God straighten him out. When we drove away, he was still writhing on the pavement there.


Murilo Diaz: Experienced robber, and member of the Traveling Circus gang.


Ice Prince Cafe: Diaz has breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Ice Prince cafe. He always orders the cheap beef stew.


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