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Tuesday, July 16th is the 2nd day of the game.

On this day, Jack Boyd goes to work at Freeburg Police Department. This day introduces the main portion of the game itself, as well as offering a tutorial, if the player so chooses. In light of last night's altercation, Jack's cigar will still be sitting on his map of Freeburg. He'll take it off and then blow away the ashes left by it. Then the interface will be usable.

Newspaper Headlines

These are the newspaper headlines for the 2nd day of the game.

Golden Bird (If you choose "Bullshit" on Question 4 of yesterday's Press Conference): Jack Boyd: "Only Assholes Join The Mafia"

Golden Bird (Otherwise): Head of Culture Department owns Villa in Italy

Freeburg Tribune (If you choose "It'll be someone new" on Question 2 of yesterday's Press Conference): Next Police Chief Still Unknown

Freeburg Tribune (Otherwise): Civil Servants Wages won't be raised this year

The Fact (If you choose "Possibly" on Question 5 of yesterday's Press Conference): Jack Boyd: Mayor Rogers is a professional

The Fact (Otherwise): Cleanness of city streets increased by 20%

Before the day's work

Jack enters the police station's cafeteria. It is completely empty, save for Francis Kendrick. Jack approaches Francis and requests that "file" he asked for, be ready for tonight. Francis says nothing and Jack walks away.

For the transcript, go here.

Calls today

Shift B will be on call for today's work.

Work hours start from 10:00 until 20:00 for today.

The following is a list of all calls that will come in from today's work. Mouse over the "Type of report" to view the information on the call.

Crimes and Investigations

Time Type of report Amount of time to answer call Call Type Location Number of officers allowed Support allowed? Civilians at risk? Other Notes
10:10 Hit and Run 15 seconds Normal EveryDay Mall 2 No No If the tutorial is active, the day's timer will pause, as will the time on this call. This persists until police are sent.
10:50 Fight 30 seconds Normal The Last Picture Show Theater 2 No Yes
14:15 Armed Robbery 40 seconds Choice Suburb 2 No No
14:30 Fight 20 seconds Normal Johnson, Juergen, and Katz Law Firm 2 No No
16:20 Assault 25 seconds Normal Ghetto 3 No No

Other assignments


After the day's work

Jack goes to Francis Kendrick's office for his file. Francis presents it to him and assures Jack that he made sure the names in that file should satisfy him, then suggests that he adds one more name to the list: Christopher Sand. This annoys Jack who sharply declines the request and leaves the office with the file.

For the transcript, go here.