Uterus Magna is a radical feminist gang that is exclusive to the French version of the game. As opposed to most other gangs, their crimes are strictly motivated by their ideology and pursue no monetary gain.


Louise Roulet

Louise Roulet

Louise Roulet

An investigation into a minor act of vandalism leads you to Louise Roulet. She seems not to be involved in the events that led to the death of porn director George Dean.

After solving the vandalism case, Louise Roulet can be arrested at her grandmother's house in the suburbs. This will grant you a reward of $10000.

Marie Rochefort

Uterus Magna

Marie Rochefort

Marie Rochefort wears a black leather jacket and has short blonde hair. She carried out the abduction of George Dean by impersonating a federal agent and staging an arrest at his set.

She can be arrested at the Wooden Horse toy store once her investigation sequence is solved. She is worth $15000 in reward money.

Dominique Givry

Uterus Magna-0

Dominique Givry

Dominique Givry is the leader of the gang and carried out and filmed the murder of George Dean. She wears a gray pullover and has a bald shaved head. After the murder she sent the tape to Freeburg's Golden Bird newspaper, declaring war on porn.

After the investigation, Dominique Givry can be found either at the Last Picture Show Theater or a gas station where she was recently seen. You will get $30000 for her arrest which will also eliminate the gang.


You must conduct three successful investigation in order to eliminate this gang.


Louise Roulet painted a large feminist symbol on one of the walls at City Hall.

Abduction / Police Impersonation

Marie Rochefort abducted famous porn director George Dean while pretending to be a federal agent.


The brutal murder of George Dean at the hands of Dominique Givry.


Jorge Dean

Jorge Dean

In Rochefort's investigation clues there is a mention of George Dean filming a porn scene at the Corn Monument. On day 76 you will get a side quest by a citizen going by the name Jorge Dean, requesting police assistance for a shoot at the same Corn Monument. His portrait also closely resembles George Dean, sporting the same glasses, bald head and yellow scarf.

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