The abduction of George Dean is an investigation of the Uterus Magna gang.

In-game text

Marie Rochefort kidnapped porn director George Dean right from his studio during filming.

Clues and witnesses


Marie Rochefort is a member of a gang of radical feminists, the Uterus Magna. She wears a leather jacket with a high collar. Marie went into the studio, claimed she was an undercover federal agent, and presented a fake ID.


George Dean is a well-known porn director, with connections among the highest circles of Freeburg. Recently, he managed to stage a sex scene right outside the Corn Monument, in broad daylight.


"We were in the middle of our final scene, when some blonde came onto the set and started poking her ID in the Georgie's face, saying Georgie had to go with her. Said the feds had a few questions for him. But he started waving his hands all like 'no way', said he had an agreement with the big shots at the police department, and no one dared touch him. But the hussy immediately slapped Georgie in some cuffs. She didn't even use the big gun that was poking out from under her jacket."


There was a camera on the set, but it was focused on the actors and didn't get a shot of the kidnapper.


Marie Rochefort placed George Dean in a gray sedan with no license plates.


Marie Rochefort: Member of the radical feminist gang, the Uterus Magna.


Wooden Horse Toy Store: Marie Rochefort went out to buy a present for her niece's birthday.


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