The murder of George Dean is an investigation of the Uterus Magna gang.

In-game text

Dominique Givry brutally killed porn director George Dean.

Clues and witnesses


Dominique Givry founded the gang of radical feminists known as the 'Uterus Magna' right after leaving the juvenile detention center. At the center, Dominique learned two things: man is the lowest form of life, and an ordinary towel can be a real weapon in the right hands. At first, her gang engaged in extreme forms of protest against the patriarchy, but they quickly moved on to serious crimes.


Porn director George Dean was chosen as a victim because he epitomizes everything that the Uterus Magna hate. He's a successful white male, and grew wealthy thanks to an industry which, in the eyes of the Uterus Magna, degrades and exploits women. Verified gang member Marie Rochefort kidnapped George Dean and brought him to the suburbs, where Dominique Givry was waiting in an abandoned house.


Dominique Givry gave George Dean an extended beating with brass knuckles, and taped it on a camcorder. Then she put down the camera, laid the man down on his back, and choked him out with a towel.


After the murder of the porn director, Dominique Givry took the videotape from the camera, placed it in a big yellow envelope, and sent it to the Golden Bird newspaper along with a manifesto which declared war on porn, and on everyone in Freeburg who condones it.


Dominique Givry: Head of a gang of radical feminists – the Uterus Magna.


The Last Picture Show Theater: Dominique Givry loves going to the movies.

Gas Station: Dominique Givry was spotted at a gas station.


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