Counterfeiting is the final investigation of the Vargas mafia.

In-game text

Counterfeit cash is being printed at the Varga mansion

Clues and witnesses

The crime boss

Vicus Varga always sleeps in his mansion, and wakes up at exactly at 05:56. He says the extra four minutes add up to another year awake, over the span of his life. In the morning, first thing, Vicus heads down to the bunker, to inspect the money they've printed overnight.


The bunker is located in the basement of the Varga mansion, where he keeps his counterfeit printing equipment. The door is secured by steel bars and an electronic combination lock. Only Vicus knows the code.

Counterfeit printing machine

A machine mixes blue and yellow paint to get just the right shade of green for printing currency.

The counterfeiter

The older bald man works at night. Vicus Varga brought him over from the homeland, probably by force.


Printed bills stacked and ready for shipment. Varga will personally deliver them wherever you want.


Vicus Varga: Leader of the Varga mafia family


  • The Old Colony: one of Vicus Varga's favorite establishments.
  • Flying Brothers Circus: Vicus Varga likes to laugh at the clowns.
  • Freeburg Tribune Office: Vicus Varga writes a lifestyle column in the newspaper under a pseudonym.


Beginning and end frames


Collectible frames

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