The murder of Enzo Agosti is an investigation of the Vargas mafia.

In-game text

Enzo Agosti was old school, a senior member in the Sand mafia organization. Up until his Cadillac exploded, he controlled a good piece of the Freeburg drug trade. Agosti was in the driver's seat and died on the spot.

Clues and witnesses

Mrs. Kulyk

Alina Kulyk, a maid in the Agosti residence: "Mr. Agosti had breakfast as usual early in the morning, while his wife was asleep. He was going out on business, so he wished me a good day and left the house. A few seconds later there was an explosion."

Forensic examiner

The offender used plastic explosives – traces we found on the car confirm it. The direction of the blast indicates that the explosives were attached to the bottom of the car.

Mr. Butler

Liam Butler, truck driver: "I pass by that area every morning. I haul food from the farm to the city. The road is normally empty, everybody still asleep, but that morning I almost ran over a guy wearing dark glasses. I remember he ran across the road… thought maybe with those glasses he might be blind. He was carrying a girly bag, and nearly rushed right at my wheels."

Surveillance camera over the front door

The camera is at an angle, so it can see only one side of the car parked out front. In the video, early in the morning, a shadow flashes for a brief moment past the Cadillac. Whoever it was, he knew about the camera – and how to avoid it.

Mr. Mason

George Mason, neighbor from across the street: "That morning I was mowing the lawn, and when I mow the lawn, I don't pay much attention to anything else. Even when the bomb went off, I thought at first it was a stone in the mower. But when a burning tire rolled past, I knew something was wrong. Serves him right, that Agosti. I'd have all the drug dealers with dynamite up their asses!"


Andrzej Varga: Vicus Varga's older brother, and his right hand man.


  • Bilton Private Clinic: Andrzej Varga has problems with his eyes, and he often visits the ophthalmologist.
  • Church: Andrzej Varga has been the hand in many deaths, and he always goes to confession afterwards.


Beginning and end frames


Collectible frames

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