The massacre at the port is the second of five investigations into the Vargas gang.

In-game text

During the night, a tug boat on the river caught fire, and drifted into port. There were dozens of women on board – all of them dead. Killed and locked in the hold.

Clues and witnesses

Coast Guard

"We patrolled the coast and noticed a tug with its navigation lights turned off. But when we went to intercept, the weather started getting worse: the wind rose up, and it started raining. Visibility dropped to zero, and we lost sight of the tug – until it caught fire. We put it out and towed the vessel to shore. That's when we found the girls locked in the hold. They were all dead."

Medical examiner

"The victims were all women under 30 years old. They were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning. Some had bloody and broken hands – apparently they tried to break down the door, maybe after the fire started. There were also traces of drugs in their bodies. Some kidnappers prefer to keep their captives in a semi-conscious state."

Fire investigator

"Evidence found at the scene, and the nature of fire, all clearly indicate that it was arson. The massive fire erupted from diesel fuel spilled on the deck of the tug."


We found an abandoned blue inflatable boat, battered by the storm and washed up on shore.

Mr. Allen

Harvey Allen, a drunken old porter: "I was on the night shift, and the weather was just like a fairy tale – thunder, lightning, high waves, like Poseidon rising from the abyss, come to punish us mortals! I was on land I was, but my knees were still shaking! Then I saw a star, falling from the sky. It rose out of the darkness of the sea where it had fallen, and a great flame rose from the water. And in the darkness I saw the vessel, outlined in fire. Hail, ruthless sea god, you're a terrible beauty!"


Samuel Bustamante: Varga Mafia lieutenant.


Rubinovich Casino: Samuel Bustamante spends all his free time at the gaming machines.


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