The vehicular manslaughter of Klimek Kalinowski is a one-off investigation.

Investigations chronology
Day 4: Homicide

Day 5: Robbery
Day 9: Arson
Day 13: Hit and Run
Day 15:

Day 16: Theft
Day 18: Theft
Day 21: Robbery
Day 25: Homicide
Day 29:

Day 59: Drug sales
Day 62: Double Homicide
Day 66: Arson
Day 70: Homicide
Day 73: Homicide
Day 84: Abduction
Day 89: Attempted Carjacking
Day 94: Missing Person
Day 98: Homicide
Day 100: Child Molestation
Day 159: Assault
Day 167: Rape

In-game text

An unknown vehicle struck librarian Klimek Kalinowski at a pedestrian crossing and drove off. The victim was found dead on the scene.

Clues and witnesses

Mr. Paul

Matt Paul, witness: "This dark colored car comes tearing round the corner, hopped the curb and kept on going. Knocked the man over – didn't even slow down."

Mr. Alvarez

Jerome Alvarez, bartender: "Not long before the crash, I kicked a couple drunks out of the bar. They were having a fight with some of my regulars."

Ms. Kalinowski

Anna Kalinowski, victim's daughter: "A few days ago, Dad had a fight at work with a couple young people who were causing a ruckus at the library. The whole thing almost came to blows. They threatened him before they left."

Mr. Hopkins

Eugene Hopkins, witness: "I saw two people in the car. They went right by me. The man in the passenger seat had a beard."

Mr. Boone

Rolando Boone, a colleague: "Klimek thought he was being followed. He said he saw the guy everywhere. Said it looked like someone had some problem with him at the library."


William Holden: frequents the local bars. Repeated arrests for driving under the influence.


  • Residential Area: William's last known place of residence, but the information is over three years old.
  • Kevin's Throat Bar: William's favorite place to tie one on. He knows everyone.


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