Vicus Varga is a criminal mastermind, and leader of the Vargas gang, who appear in This is the Police. He introduces himself to Jack, when Jack is drunkenly leaning against the wall of a Bar. He is one of the secondary antagonists (alongside Christopher G. Sand) of This Is The Police. Depending on who the player sides with during the gang war, he can be considered the quaternary antagonist.

Varga is defeated in one of three ways - siding with the Sands in the gang war, completing the entire gang investigation against him, or automatically killed by Eugene Chaffee in the third final of the game.


Vicus specializes in street crime, and the related areas of crime. He obviously has a great deal of Street Credit, since he is able to raise an army of punks before long of his arrival, an army capable enough of battling Sand's carefully built-up over time army.


Meeting Vicus Varga

Jack Boyd meeting Vicus Varga for the first time

Varga is most probably over the age of 40, and based on his fashion, was born in the 50s. Vicus had quite a negative upbringing, and apparently, his parents were members of the Mafia.

He later moved to Freeburg quietly, making a name for himself, and establishing himself as a credible threat for old crime rulers like the Sands. Later in the game, he invites Jack Boyd of the FPD to ally with him in the upcoming gang war. Depending on who the player sides with, this can be the last time he is seen in the game. If the player sides with the Vargas, they will supplant the Sands at the end of the gang war, and take their role accordingly, offering favours and receiving loot from Jack, in exchange for him completing assignments of their own.